Let customers come to you

We accelerate customer growth with proven marketing programs on subscription. All you need to generate leads, automate marketing and grow customers for life. 


Your outsourced growth marketing department

We develop and execute marketing programs to drive a companies’ growth; your dedicated marketing team, a systematic marketing process and the tech infrastructure you need. At a fixed monthly fee with a performance-based commission.

Multi-skilled Team

We provide a dedicated growth marketing manager, backed by a multi-skilled team. We strategize and execute customer acquisition to grow revenue.

  • Strategic and hands-on
  • Data-driven and analytical
  • Creative and driven

Systematic Process

With a systematic battle-tested growth marketing process in place, we build a customer pipeline in a repeatable and scalable manner, enhanced over time.

  • Customer centric approach
  • Revenue-oriented track record
  • Rapid experimentation

Marketing Technology

We capitalize marketing intelligence and automation to make marketing effective and efficient. The infrastructure that attracts customers at scale.

  • Account and lead intelligence
  • Smart content management
  • Marketing automation


Driving Predictable Growth

Elevate marketing

Generate more demand

In a 3+ months program, we build a foundational demand generation engine to generate qualified leads, opportunities and a healthy pipeline through our battle-tested demand gen approach.

  • Customer acquisition strategy to drive 10x growth
  • Inbound and outbound multi-channel campaigns to grow leads
  • Performance management to improve conversion and ROI

Skyrocket marketing

Grow customers at scale

We will localize and automate your marketing for customer acquisition at scale through implementation and execution of an account based marketing technology infrastructure. 

  • Localized marketing to grow your reach in verticals
  • Retention and referral programs to leverage customer base
  • Marketing automation to increase efficiency

We are your Comarketers

Comarketers is the outsourced comarketing department working alongside startups to drive growth. We build, manage and execute growth marketing programs on behalf of our clients on a fixed monthly fee combined with a performance-based commission. 

Our mission is twofold: we empower small organizations with big dreams by offering marketing customers love, while providing career opportunities to people around the globe. By training exceptional talent on our battle-tested marketing programs, we prove that growth crosses all borders. 

Our talent network of comarketers cover the skills needed

Account intelligence

Ideal customer profiles, targeted account lists, account scoring

Lead intelligence

Buyer personas, customer journeys, contact lists, lead scoring

Data analytics

Conversion tracking, site analytics, digital marketing dashboards

Content marketing

Inbound content, production, promo, content curation, syndication

UI/UX design

User Interface, User Experience design, graphic design, photography, video

Social media

Content strategy, content calendar, production, monitoring, engagement

SEO (search engine)

Search Engine Optimalization, keyword analysis, backlink analysis, SEO content 

SEM (paid ads)

Search Engine Marketing, search ads, display, performance management 

PPC (sponsored content)

Pay per click analysis and campaigns, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

Lead generation

Multitouch lead generation, nurturing campaigns, conversion paths, CRO

Accountbased marketing

Segment A/B/C Accounts, ABM messaging and smart content, CRO

Marketing automation

Implementation automated inbound marketing software, email marketing


Accountable. Scalable. Affordable.


Days to grow demand

With a global talent workforce, pre-trained on our marketing programs, we grow qualified leads as of 90 to 120 days on average.


Return on investment

By scaling best-performing growth marketing efforts, the average return on investment is 3 times your initial customer acquisition budget. 



We co-invest up to 40% in marketing using a performance-based commission, limiting the initial fee while you pay-as-you-grow.

Marketing Customers Love

Industries served

Our Comarketers have worked for leading (inter)national B2B companies, ranging from fast-growing startups up to SMEs and corporates in SaaS, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Manufacturing, Facilities, Logistics, Professional Services, and more.

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